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In a few words, proper planning, whether it be of an administration department, of a restaurant’s staff, or of a sports team, is a tool which allows us to move from the current situation to a desirable future alternative. Additionally, it enables us to anticipate future situations based on what has happened in the past.

By instilling good planning techniques into the culture of the team we can ensure that team members think before acting, thereby enabling them to anticipate potential problems, and to considerably reduce the levels of stress experienced by the team. Planning is all the more necessary if the context is unpredictable, and the retail sector is no exception.

Planning can be viewed as the key activity of a highly efficient team, given that:

  • It helps to set objectives.
  • It helps to define the strategies and policies that will be adopted and that will inform how each person acts.
  • It helps to establish reference points for evaluation.

Planning not only determines how and when certain objectives should be achieved, but also which people will carry out which actions, what resources they will have, what results they should expect, and, most importantly, what consequences will be derived from any changes of plan. In other words, it enables us to detect and correct deviations from the objectives that have been established.

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