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The factors that have most influence on efficient time management are those of the environment itself. It consists of people, places and things that influence individuals by using time. Some of these environmental factors may be out of our control and yet there are ways to overcome almost all obstacles. By identifying how the behavior of others influences the capacity to manage time, we will manage to find a way to change these behaviors or to moderate the impact that they produce on your own life. On most occasions these people have defined very little, or poorly, their use of time.

A simple way to diagnose time consists in carrying a small notebook everywhere and writing down the activities performed and how long they have taken. Subsequently, we will go on to analyze the notes and detect which two activities are the most time consuming and which two are the least; you will also determine, in a sincere manner, which activities you should devote more time to and which activities you should devote less time to. The conclusions you reach will help you to identify which tasks are most important, enabling you to benefit from a change that helps save time.

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